OMG is run by a small group of young entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion.  Our goal is to provide our customers with an eclectic shopping experience with styles ranging from classic to fads.  

utique our goal is to treat our customers, as we would like to be treated and to do this more effectively than any other specialty store.  Our mission is something we take very seriously. We are committed to creating a unique fashion environment that enables individuality and expressionism. OMG is constantly changing its look to stay in touch with fashion trends of the world market and the needs of our clientele.  This mission statement guides us in every decision we make and every business dealing in which we engage. Living by these principles daily has been a major contributor to our past successes and is the key to our success in the future. Although every employee is expected to follow these principles, we know that no one is perfect. If we fall short, it is our goal to pick ourselves up and redouble our efforts to be the best we can be. 

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To provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices.

To be friendly, honest, courteous and fair in our dealings with others

To deliver on our promises and demonstrate commitment and diligence

To be responsive and display a sense of urgency for the concerns of others

To generally be a pleasure to do business with and to offer a unique and memorable shopping experience to all